4th North and Central Asian Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Implementation of the Sustainable Development

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Morning Session
Session 5

Simultaneous interpretation is available in English and Russian. Please choose your preferred language from “Switch Camera”.

The remote simultaneous interpretation of the proceedings is provided by the United Nations for the purpose of facilitating communication, in light of the fact that there are six official languages of the United Nations. Participants are requested to be mindful of the additional difficulties experienced by interpreters when working in remote mode and of the increased likelihood of disruptions to the audio feed to the interpreters. Only the speech or intervention in the original language is authentic and constitutes an authentic record of the proceedings. In case of any inconsistency between the interpretation and the speech or intervention in the original language, the latter shall prevail.

Interpreters servicing remote meetings, cannot be held liable for interruption of service, pixilation, freezing or loss of visual input, partial or complete loss of audio, audible artifacts, unauthorized access to personal or confidential data, leaking of information due to inadequate soundproofing, and/or data loss.
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